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We will try to keep you in stiches from laughing at our blog. Also we will try to keep you informed on just how fun roaming this country can be.


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I grew up as an only child... but today I have a large family with 4 grown children, 7 grandchildren and #8 on the way! I spent 30 years in the IT industry. I am now on disability after suffering a stroke in February of '09 and hoping to make the best of my situation by traveling full time in an rv with my wife and my 6 year old granddaughter that we are raising.
Wednesday, January 27, 2010
Our blog is supposed to be and will become our journal for our full time RVing, however it will be a few months before we begin our travels, so we are posting our journey to get to our goal of full timing. After my stroke in last year we knew that my income and ability to work was gone, so like many times before we had to plan a new part of our life. We had a house in Jonesboro but did not want to reside there for multiple reasons. We had been renting it out but the renters moved out. A couple of options were to rent it, sell it, or put money in it to make it large enough to fit us with Kathryn and Blayke. We decided to try to sell it, and lo and behold we got an acceptable offer within 10 days of listing it. (God does come through if you let him) Once we had a done deal on the house, we thought we would buy a cheap house for a rental property. We found one in Rector that was solid as far as structure, it just needed some non-major repairs, paint carpet etc.. As timing has it, it turned out better for us to move into it rather than rent it out and find another place to live. It was wiser financially as well. We have done 85 to 95% of the work now, most of what is left is cosmetic. I need to take a little bit here to recognize my son-in-law Larry who did most of the work. Larry has been fantastic. he not only has the skills but was willing to work his behind off to help us get this place livable. Thank you so much Larry. Here is an idea of what we have done. First of all this is a double wide mobile home built in 1987. It had been empty for over two years. The first task was to replace almost all of the siding. Larry also helped me save a few hundred dollars on the material. We replace it and the eaves and facia boards on the outside of the house painted tiled and carpeted the inside, replaced all of the light fixtures, replaced the gas stove we did not know was broken, put in a dishwasher, used dozens and dozens of tubes of caulk, said some words and had to ask forgiveness for them. only had to patch a bundles worth of shingles, but the place it taking nice shape. It is a 3 bedroom 2 bath house and we have stayed warm this winter despite the central unit being shot, the duct work underneath had been ripped out. We put a good size window unit heatpump and electric space heaters. While replacing the outside panels I saw it was insulated well. and with the caulking we did the house does really well. we have about 14 more feet of tile in the utility hallway and 1 bath room to complete and all of the flooring will be new. Then we can finsh the outside paint and the house will be ready to have a new owner.


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