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I grew up as an only child... but today I have a large family with 4 grown children, 7 grandchildren and #8 on the way! I spent 30 years in the IT industry. I am now on disability after suffering a stroke in February of '09 and hoping to make the best of my situation by traveling full time in an rv with my wife and my 6 year old granddaughter that we are raising.
Monday, August 9, 2010
The Lake was great! It was very big. The Promised Land Resort had lots of ammenities. The setup spot was not as great but very adequate. It was gravel and not very level, but every thing else you could want. There was a swimming pool, a rec room with a pool table and ping pong, and lots of deer! Even Tatianna saw one. It was her first white tailed deer she ever saw. At least that is what she told me. We rented a pontoon from the resort at a very reasonable rate.  We used two 6 gallon tanks of fuel and went several miles up the lake. Tatianna had lots of fun jumping canonballs off the pontoon into the lake. 

By the way this is in north central Arkansas and was very clear. It had about 35 feet visability in the water. That is VERY clear. I think Lake Norfork which is next to it, on the other side of Mountain Home, AR ( the town near us) is even more clear. We weren't good on catching fish, but that is us not the lake.  Maybe Phyllis will put some more here and post some pictures.  -- Mark--


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